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what is the best ohm rateing for running speakers out of a mp3 player with no amp or any other equipment. Answered

i just bought a new zune HD player today and i dont want to risk  damageing it 
unfortunatly i dont have any other speakers besides some that i had laying around which are rageing from 3.2 ohm (somehow) to 6 ohm to 8 ohm

which would be the best
the 3.2 are what im useing now they suck but they are outloud

if somebody could design a simple amp with
-volume control
-3 inputs
-cabible to run differant ohms of speakers safely 
-left and right channels
-cabible of running a large numbers of speakers
thank you



8 years ago

The closer you get to ZERO OHMS... the more likely you will damage the player. All transistorized radios/mp3 players etc are succeptable to damage if the speaker leads are shorted. Zero ohms is a short. so you would be better to go with a speaker rated at 8 ohms. Also, be carefull that your wires are securely attached and cannot fall off the terminal and "touch each other".... because THAT is a short and you might quickly damage your player. Also, you dont want a very large speaker of high wattage... because the little player can not push a large speaker very well. If you want to run sound into large speakers, you will need to attach player to an amplifier. You would be better off and safer to just purchase one of the many players made for this purpose at any outlet store. radioshack, walmart, kmart, they sell the things EVERYWHERE. some of them cost very little!!!


8 years ago

Mp3 players will be happy with any of the speakers you mention. But the 8 ohm would be best. Look at your other question for answers about the amp. Look for a kit.


Answer 8 years ago

so running any ohm speakers wont blow my zunes amp?"