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what is the best tool for creating a bevel for a piece of curved wood? would anyone know? Answered

hi..does anyone know what would be the best tool to create a bevel on the outside of a curved piece of wood 4ft long and 2"*1"...maybe a type of spokeshave?


Thanks a lot to everyone!...i will use a combination of the spokeshave, router and sander!

Flat face spoke shave is the correct tool for outside curves. Belt sander workes almost as well.


7 years ago

A router with a bearing-guided chamfer bit. If you have a steady hand and some time, a regular block plane, set very shallow, will work as well.

exactly - having the bearing guide is key! We would build base boards for houses on sight, laying the raw lumber right in the grass and hitting it with router. That bearing was all the router needed as a guide, it also showed how if the wood was bowed or curved, the bearing would follow it. I have used that knowledge to build round mirror frames.

Router, plane, rasp and sandpaper, or coarse sandpaper (for a tight radius bevel)

router but if you dont have one or any friends with one or you cannot afford one i suggest using a mouse sander at an angle with a coarse sand paper. its the way i make a quick bevel without breaking out the big guns lol