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what is the best usb wifi adapter? (on the cheap)? Answered

what is the best usb wifi adapter? [that will not kill my wallet.]
I want to have a super long-range wifi adapter .
that i can use for wardriving.
so thx to any one that helps!



Best Answer 9 years ago

A best usb wifi adapter? That's a tough questions. Different laptops(Dell/HP/Lenovo) interact with USB adaptors in different ways.
A super long-range wifi adapter? That's easier to answer, but varies with the price range.
But different usb-dongle adaptors have different ranges. From 30ft to 300+meters.
Your -best- bet to wardriving, is to use a USB wifi dongle that has an antenna, and combine it with a secondary amplifier/receiver that has the 'pigtail' connector.
Like these two, and you can probablly get them cheaper on ebay.

I use a cheap wireless adapter that works great. Its called the TP-Link TL-WN727N 11NGB 150 Mbps Wireless Adapter. Its great for gaming and streaming videos. Regularly its $20 but I found it for $4 on ebay. It works great and I can get through my day easily with it. Heres the link.

Does plugging in a USB dongle interact with the onboard wifi card? If I'm out of range for the installed wifi card but not my extended USB antenna combination is there interference that would cause loss of reception?

The best usb adapter for me is Alfa AWUS036H  Very powerful adapter.the price is about 30$ You also can check this website. They have many reviews and recommendations of best USB adapters

I have tried many many wifi adapters.....and I can say one thing for sure...
..I don't know about you guys, but for me UAWIFI UA3 usb adapter is the BEST.
No other adapter can compare to this baby, it is VERY powerful.
There are few people sell them on ebay, but I got mine directly from mft. website www.uawifi.com price is same.
I also know that it is Made in USA, so at least by buying it I am supporting US workers...not Chinese.