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what is the best voltage for zapping someone? Answered

 i want to make a shocker but I'm not sure which transformer to use. if it is too high, it might injure someone badly, but if its too low, you wont get much of a shock. i am using a square wave oscillator and i am planning to add a transformer to it to give it more zap



Best Answer 6 years ago

Electric Fences have 10,000 volts but its the amps that can kill you. if you're not 100% sure what your doing to are much better to leave well alone.

voltage is irrelevant. as long as it is over about 50 volts it can give a shock. it is a high current that causes pain or even death. when i say a high current i mean only about a milliamp if applied across the heart, you can get very high voltage shocks from static electricity like carpet shocks but as they are miniscule current they do no damage.

Current kills! Over a few milli amps is dangerous.

This is a rather silly thing to do and often leads to people reacting with some violence.

If your talking disabling shocks (eg tazar) then your in dangerous territory for an amateur.

More than 30 volts is considered dangerous. An electric shock above 30 volts have the potential to cause fibrillation and death.