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what is the best way to mount Led strips to the underside of a car? if they didnt come with brackets? Answered

I Brought LED strips off of ebay to put on the underside of my car but they didnt come with brackets to put them on, where or what sort of brackets should i get to put them on?


the best thing i have found is get a piece of 12ga electric wire or a piece of fence wire and tie it to the frame in the back then stretch it tight and tie it to the frame in the front (do this for both sides) and make sure you don't tie it to anything that will move and keep it away from things that are hot or moving like the muffler or drive shafts then use the IP-68 strip and zip tie the strip to the wire you can also add some silicone between the wire and strip if you are worried about it sliding


8 years ago

You can use wire (zip) ties or even better, stainless steel hose clamps.  No chance of it coming off or rusting.

I'd say "powerful neodynium magnets". If you start messing with the floor-pan (e.g. with screws / bolts) you risk kicking off corrosion.


Good idea. The only thing I'd have thought that the kind of magnetic crud that gets thrown off the road is going to cover the damned things up.

Yes, but think of the crud hitting the holes you made in the bodywork, and re-sale value... Magnetics can be pulled-off and cleaned.


You're quite right, magnets would be good, if you can get a good enough contact through the underseal and such.

I was thinking of that very recent knife-block instructable and not disturbing the underseal.


  Look at the auto parts stores, they usually have plastic brackets of differant types that might work.  But you need to know before hand where/if these types of brackets will connect.  Look under there for places that a zip tie might work.  Or if all else fails a coathanger or bailing wire.