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what is the best way to remove woodchip wallpaper? Thanks Answered

I'm buying my first property, which is gorgeous... or will be once I've got rid of the delightful woodchip wallpaper! Does anyone know of a quick & easy way of removing this stuff (preferably leaving some of the plaster intact) Most grateful for any suggestions!


Get a steamer. Really. They used to be around 30 quid from Argos and they save you massive amounts of time. If it's got a sealed surface (gloss paint) then score through to the paper underneath, put the plate on the scored surface while you prepare the next one. Leave it until the paper goes so soggy that it just lifts off effortlessly and move the steamer onto the next spot while you do so. I figured if I were ever going to redecorate even one wall, I'd get another steamer.

Unfortunately, unless you're lucky enough that the previous owner conciously chose premium products and paints, you're going to dammage the wall a little bit. You WILL need to plaster a few spots and you might need to sand or scrape away some old messes.

Still, follow the https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-take-down-wallpaper/ instructable on the subject. You can also use store-bought wallpaper-remover (but vinegar works just as well).