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what is the best way to send gadgets from canada to outer countries like nepal india etc? Answered




Best in what senses: Most affordable? Most reliable? Fastest? Where in those countries are you trying to send them -- major cities, or elsewhere? In what quantity?

in the sense of Most reliable and Most affordable

The most reliable is usually not the most affordable and the most affordable is usually not the most reliable.

You can't get the best of both at once. Pick your trade-offs.

Most affordable for shipping a large pile of stuff: Container shipping, top of the stack. Slow, and may get washed overboard, but if it gets there at all it will get there at least cost. That's the shipping category used for cheap-per-volume manufactured goods; classic examples of stuff that we know went that way because we know it was lost have included sneakers and bulk-packaged plastic toys.

Most reliable: Courier services.

You really need to quantify this. I would suggest starting by figuring out what you can afford, then seeing what your options are in that price range, and picking the one which offers the best compromise for your particular needs.

The right answer may be anything from slow container shipping of the "maybe it gets there, maybe it doesn't, but it's cheap" variety to a courier service, with or without insurance either way. Unless the querant refines the question, there's no way they (never mind we) can pick an answer.

It also depends a lot on size and perishability. Small things can go by mail for reasonable cost but I would think pretty seriously about sending something like a notebook. Also the value. A few ounces of gold could ship pretty cheap but actually arriving there might be a different story.

Yes, the Aroma of gold leaf, arrival Depends on the X-Ray and material too :-)