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what is the best way to water proof Speakers for Use on a Bike, so I dont loose Sound Quality? Answered



here's what i did. mix 100 percent clear silicon 2 to 1 with laquer thinner. i made a mixer out of a coat hanger for my dremmel.(spin it SLOW to mix to a consistancy that you can brush on your speakers. coat them thinly. it will kinda be absorbed by speaker paper. coat everything including the foam flex material. REMEMBER mix slowly until its thin enough to brush.

if you seal you have a problem of condensation. thats a small amount of water on the box from inside. you have to keep it away from the speaker by placing the speaker in somedistance from the walls option 1 get a sealed plastic box that is easy to open (screws) (plastic electrical boxes with code IP54 or higher are awesome but there may be cheaper and recycled solution too) the speaker should fit a bit loose in the box cut a hole in from inside in the back of the box in front of the speaker stick with hot glue / silicone a tight thin metallic net to the hole stick with silicone (without heat) some stretched thin waterproof plastic over it. the plastic has to be spaced a bit from the grid but sealed around its ends mount a thin plastic plate spaced about 2 mm from the cover mount the speaker (by the magnet) to this plate. it got to be in front of the hole in the box but spaced atleast few mm from the plastic get in the cable thru hole in hte cover and seal throw in a bag of silica gel and close option 2 make a box open from below and cover the opening with a cloth. this gives out better sound but restricts the speaker to point down option 3 get a megaphone speaker (the type installed on walls). they are weatherproof but make the sound a bit weird

seal them in a ziploc bag? Sound should pass fairly easily thru the bag without a lot of distortion. To seal the wires, poke a hole in the corner, feed the wire, then seal with your favourite silicone.