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what is the diffrent between embossing heat tools and heat gun,? Answered

can hair dryer been hacked and turn into embossing heat tools.
anyone have picture of embossing heat tools, what i mean here inside that embossing heat tools.inside the heat tools.



Yes, embossing tools are heaters-by-conduction and heat guns are heaters-by-convection.

how about this if change heating element inside hair dryer, that last longer, and use it as embossing heat tools, can that cause any danger,

what is heater by conduction and heaters by convection.

Read: embossing tool needs a heater embedded in a block of metal which is heated, so no, a hairdryer cannot be made into an embossing tool....


do you think it still impossible, to d.i.y this embossing heat tools.beside my idea using hair dryer.something to be change.any suggestions.

No, not impossible to DIY embossing tools, just not with a hairdryer !

A soldering iron, with some control would make a good start.


thank you steve, if you wanna know i have build one hot air, is charper instructables.it work great, but i want try something new, i just think, i want to replace heating element inside hair dryer, maybye it last long. but there a lot to think.

If you are trying to use the heating element from a hair dryer, I think it will burn out if there is no air flow as it will run way too hot.

Embossing is either actualized by pressure, or pressure and heat, so something more like a hot iron, rather than hot air. Think branding iron...

It depends upon what you want to emboss and how - which is what?
Hair dryer I doubt it.