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what is the diffrent between heat gun and hot air soldering iron.both can solder/ desolder component right.? Answered



heat gun is a hair dryer on steroids  and a hot air soldier iron is usually fed by butane and is a lot smaller  stream of hot air

"hair dryer on steroids",what is the meaning of this.

meaning it kind of looks like a hait dryer but gets way hotter.

ok thank you, do you think hair dryer can be turned into hot air gun

i'm sure anything is pissible.  but I don't think it's built to take the extra heat so it may not last for to long,  Could just heat up, mely and catch on fire after 10 seconds

well i think about the same thing too.anyway thank you for your answer.

The difference between a hot air gun and a hot air soldering iron is quite simple.

It is the difference between a flame thrower and a torch.

It is the difference between a bon fire and a stove

It is the difference between a hunk of graphite and a sharpened pencil.