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what is the extent and speed of damage on human flesh with the most powerful laser available to civilians? Answered

i need a small ( two inches long, 1/2 inch wide ) very powerful laser and i need two know how much it will hurt and how fast. any idea?



. Within your size requirements, you're not going to be able to carry enough power to do much damage, no matter what laser you use. . jtobako's match sounds like a reasonable comparison. Ie, you can cause some discomfort, but not a whole lot of damage. If this is for personal defense, all you're going to do is make your attacker mad.

What you said about size requirements, how about 4 inches long by 1 1/2 inches?

. I'm guessing that something with at least the ampacity of a car battery (roughly 600A for 30 secs) is called for.
. If you can figure out how much power you need from the laser, others can probably help you determine what type/size battery you need.

Alright, thanks. Thats what I thought to, had to make sure. thanks! all of you.

The most damage a laser that size could do is burn human skin if held in the same place for a few seconds. This is not practical unless your victim is not moving and unable to do so and you are within a few feet.

A laser as a personal weapon isn't a realistic idea (yet). Maybe for security you could buy a dog. People like dogs, and when you fart you can blame him.

The most powerful laser available to humans is gargantuan, and can vapourise metals. They weigh a lot, use complex parts, and are not 2 inches long ;) A 'burning' laser, is really anything over about 150mW, and as a handheld, is illegal in most places. *the usa you can't import anything over 5mW in a handheld format. www.wickedlasers.com has lots of cool toys, they can burn quickly and blind instantly - but they need focussing to burn.

The most powerful laser available to humans is gargantuan, and can initiate thermonuclear fusion reactions. It is not, however, available to "civilians." :-)