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hey nerf modders! what is the hardest nerf gun to mod? Answered

hey peoples what do you think the hardest nerf gun to moddify is




Best Answer 7 years ago

In thee past I would have said the Raider. I modded my Raider f0llowing a professional modding guide and then the gun would not even fire 2 feet. So I ended up having to undo almost everything that I had done to it just so that it would shoot right. So there...

But overall I would probably agree about the Vulcan. I consider myself a pretty experienced modder and I have only found three mods for the Vulcan: AR removal, AR removal in the belt, and upping the voltage with two 9-volt batteries.


8 years ago

For me right now it's the Deploy. Half the screws were stripped before I even touched it and from the piles of goo inside I'd say they applied the silicon grease with a fire hose.

Overall though, the Vulcan is probably the winner. Some of the screw wells are six inches deep, there are around 40 screws, and a ton of moving parts for novice modders (like myself) to mess up.


Answer 7 years ago

I would agree about the Vulcan, but somehow, an Airsoft bb got stuck in one of the screw holes, so I couldn't take the gun apart at all. :P


7 years ago

In my opinion, it's the Alpha Trooper. The internals are really complicated in my opinion. They are similar to the Raider CS-35 and Recon, and the video I watched showed the guy pretty much ripping everything out of the gun. Then it didn't show how to put it all back together. So I had to do it by myself. Thankfully, it was only the barrel and all that stuff on it. I barely got the gun back together working and ended up with three extra screws somehow.

After that, I modded my Raider. It was almost as bad, except that I had to take a piece out for the gun to work properly, and that was the problem. But they both took a long time to put back together. So, I'd have to say, the Alpha trooper. Out of all the guns I've modded, that gun is the worst one I've had to work with. But then, most of the guns I mod are Nerf pistols.