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what is the most powerful knex semi-auto gun on this site? Answered

could anyone tell me the most powerful knex semi-auto gun on this site and possibly a link, thanks.


I think Gorkems sniper is just the most powerfull..

I don't exactly know since I haven't made many other but I think that my MBSR is the strongest semi-auto.

Mine, the storm 222. True semi auto which can shoot up to 40 feet.

that still doesnt change the fact that it isnt true semi atuo. lol.

dutchj's probably but its not REALLY semi auto

On this site, Iunno. Ooda's is the most powerful, but I'm not sure if he's posted it on here.

Oodalumps is not a semi auto, it is a full auto, unless you are talking about his pistol which is on here.