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what is the most powerful semi-automatic knex mechanism that doesnt involve the slingshot action? Answered

I need a good mechanism for my upcomeing knex gun,please help



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well, this is a pretty gun Semi-auto, I liked it at least. I built it a while ago, but I don't remember completely. It was pretty simple, and fast.

This looks like a good one, never tried it though.

Same with this.

And this.

I only tried out the first one, but the other three should work well.
Be warned, semi-automatic guns do not always have the best distance.

Im not worried about distance,seeing as its for my next shotgun,and thanks for the advie :)

Storm 222. I got about 30 ft and you can have as many shots as you want.

That one by knexfreek, KFSA as I recall.  It shoots as hard as you pull the trigger, he claims 50 feet with 4 bands.