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what is the number printed in this capacitor ? Answered

hi i got a circuit with a 100n capacitor can any one tell me what should be the number written on the ceramic capacitor ? i think it showld be 104 but i am not confirm. please tell me!


The markings on capacitors use a code that is almost the same as the code used for labeling resistors.  

There are three numerals.  The first two numerals represent a number between 00 and 99, the last numeral represents a power of 10.  The only difference from the resistor color code is for capacitors the product is in picofarads (10-12 F) 

Thus a capacitor with 104 printed on it, says:

10*10^4 picofarads = 101*104 =105 picofarads = 105*10-12 F = 10-7 F

= 100 * 10-9 F = 100 nF

= 0.1 *10-6 = 0.1 uF

See also

10(0000)pf = 100nF.
10 ^ 4 x zero