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what is the process in making a plastic utensils? Answered

what are the things that need in order to make a plastic utensils?

what are the ingredients??

thanks...much appreciated.,..hope guys you can help me..im wondering because i will make a bioplastic utensil..


actually i would make a mold out of foam and then melt a couple plastic grocery bag down and pour them in a mold and wah la it is also a good recycling method for those bags


7 years ago

Well, you'd start by making a prototype out of some sort of permanent material - anything from metal to hard plastic. Refine the design, and when satisfied you can use that prototype to cast a mold. Once a mold is made, you can make more by casting in the material of your choice.

As for the bioplastic, you're on your own there.  I'm not sure how you'd go about getting or making that.

.  Almost all plastics are injection molded (or extruded) using high pressure (see rickharris' comment on Sep 3, 2010. 7:36 AM). Castable plastic is probably not going to be rugged enough for kitchen or table utensils.

Almost all plastic mass produced things are injection moulded. Polypropylene, polystyrene and acrylic are populat food grade plastics to use.

A moulding machine is far outside your pocket I imagine and anyway the moulds would cost at least 100's of whatever and possibly 1000's

Push moulds may fit for small scale production or even with clever design vacume forming.

i will leave you to look these processes up on the web. Is biodegradable sensible in kitchen utensils? I expect them to last for years not just a few months. Most biodegradable plastics are made from starch.