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what is the purpose of being in a group? Answered

its a pretty simple question, does anybody know, moxx was wondering and after he asked me i was wondering.


It is like a mini community. When you join, you can chat in the forums, advertise your instructables!

OK, why did you create this group? You're the only member, but you seem to have a clear idea of the purpose. Do you mean "why has no one else joined?"

Any recollection as to why you joined Squirrel snipers or any of the 11 others?

Yes, most groups are pretty pointless, but people like creating them and joining them for some reason, and you'd know better as to why that is.


ok hes not the only member

Yes that group has done well in the last month.


just because i join groups doesnt mean i have one reson why i joined all of them, besides i was asking this question for moxx mainly.

In order to be different, just like everyone else.

Just as people like to classify others and other things, they themselves wish to be classified. However, people also want to control how others classify them, so they form groups with people they wish to associate with, and with whom they wish to be associated. Commonly the groups are founded over a shared trait which any given member wants to emphasize and wants to be noticed, and wants to be identified by on some level.