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what is the radius of samus' morph ball? Answered

I am going to make  a morph ball so I need to know the approximate size of it so I can make it as accurate as possible also it will be based on the varia suit morph ball so it will look really cool.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Radius is a half meter. See the link....


but samus is over 6 foot tall, I think 6'3'' and her morph ball is about as big as the varia suits shoulder pads so how big is that

Can't argue, except when parroting the above linkhttp://www.metroidwiki.org/wiki/Morph_Ball where the text reads ;

"When using the Morph Ball, Samus is transformed into a metallic sphere one meter in diameter."

One meter diameter is a half meter radius :-o



I have to agree with iceng... The info is there. You might not like the answer, but he did in fact give you the correct answer. (Or in this case the "best answer"). ;-)

No one ever said the transformation from person to ball was doable in the real world. Obviously she could not fit into such a small ball but that's how it is. Allot of things done in games defy physics like that. It's a game character not real life.


6 years ago

Reading further...

"When using the Morph Ball, Samus is transformed into a metallic sphere one meter in diameter. This allows her to travel through tight passages into which she would normally not be able to fit. Using various modular upgrades, its abilities can be extended. Its appearance changes depending on the suit Samus is wearing when it is engaged"


I am going to make a model of samus' varia suit morph ball that will light up and be contolled by an arduino and maknig it move would be too much work

If you make a sphere inside a sphere.
Your electronics goes in between, well distributed to be neutrally balanced.
Then an RC car inside the inner sphere makes it move about.

That would be a definite featured instructable for you.


good idea but where would I put the arduino

Between the spheres...
A meter is 3 feet  and 3.37 "  and inside sphere say 2 feet 11"
gives you 2.15" between  all around to mount arduino, batteries, LEDs, wires, Sphere stand offs and Resistors plus access doors