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what is the significance of height on normal saw horses? How do I build them? Answered



On our jobs saw horses are cut out of 2x4 precut spruce studs. 96" / 3=32", so 4 studs make 2 saw horses with no waste and the right height. Sometimes they're a little off or split. No worries, they're pretty tough. There are many different ways to make sawhorses this is just how we do it.


Choose your height based on your project, I'm partial to the saw horse kits you can buy from your local hardware store. Using some scrap 2x4's you can make a pretty nice collapsible/stackable sawhorse on the cheap. If you're not doing a lot of powertool work I like to make mine a little higher, with a sheet of plywood you can get a quick extra workbench when the project expands. Also, it's nice to glue (never nail/screw) an extra piece of 1-2" scrap on top of the saw horse so if you set your saw too deep you don't saw through your hard work!

The height of a saw horse is chosen by the builder based on a height they will find comfortable for cutting the materials they usually work with. Roughly around 3 feet, I think. Most of the ones I've seen are built of leftover wood from other projects or built at the start of a project from the same pile of materials. Either way, the primary ingredients are a pair of frames (usually shaped like the letter A) and a board to span between them. Just search for "saw horse" in the box above or search google for "how to build a saw horse"