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what is the tongue used for in kissing? Answered

As in how do we use our tongue? And what do we have to do once our partner stick their tongue out?


Mostly, tickling/teasing your partner's lips and tongue. See the various "how to kiss" instructables, or just play until you find out what entertains each of you. The latter's how most of us learn, so don't get stressed out about it. Practice makes better.

Orksecurity has what I think is the best decscription so far. For a sense of the tickling feeling, take your index finger and brush it very lightly against the center of your palm (other hand) or the inside of your wrist. That's a teasing kiss. there are other kinds of kisses, but it might give you the basic idea.

Boston Legal has a scene that is an excellent demonstration and explanation of french kissing. I'll see if I can figure out what episode that was.

I read many years ago that the people who study caveman culture before civilisation that they thought that the caregiver to a child or children would chew food before giving it to them to eat mouth-to-mouth. This was apparently the process of weaning. Now if you consider the bonding that happens between the craegiver and child it is apparently easy to see that 'kissing' food across becomes a physical act of love. It'sa short step from there to see that two partners who wanted to show that act of love/bonding would do the same sort of thing but food would be unnecessary and so tongues were used. That's what I read and remember - I hope it helps!