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what is this? Answered

I received this curious object from my science teacher today because he is cleaning his room. He does not know what it is, all that he knows is that it is related to Lego Mindstorms(I am assuming very old Lego Mindstorms the floppy disk he gave me that comes with it is dated 1988) and a mac 2.0.
     There is a power source, a ribbon cable, old lego cable, and what appears to be the remains of a button attached to it. It also came with a floppy disk i don't know if the labels mean anything so i am including it. right underneath the switch there is a label that says TSI interface on/off.  the floppy disk says " "Feelies"  sensor interface for the apple p.o. box 5362 bla bla bla bla more stuff about the address then front: 2e version back: 2+ version". there is also what i think is a brand on the box that i think says "T.51n" but i'm not sure. if anyone knows what this is and what it does please do tell. thanks,


The sensor looks like 3 LDRs for a line follower. (Light Dependent Resistors)

ok that makes sense but don't they need to have there own light source?

UPDATE: i opened t up to see if i could get more info on what it does and i learned that the buttons go directly to the ribbon cable. there are 4 relays and 4 transistors one end of the transistors go to the ribbon cable and the other to the relays. The input of the relay is the power source (duh) and the output goes to the old Lego hookups. so my guess is this is used to control motors and is controlled by a very old nxt or other form of computer? any additional info would be helpful