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what is this? Answered

does anybody know any thing about these things. sculpture: it is made from rosin . button: its Russian.


Its aa thing. Thats what it is. And whats more its a weird one.

I don't know, but they don't look very happy. A bomb just blew their house up.

That picture is really depression.

The man's forehead looks like he got hit by something in the blast... Now I feel like making up a whole entire story about how their house blew up XD

go ahead. its not exactly what i wanted but it would be funny to hear.

I dunno, it might end up kind of... weird and them you would think I was really weird XD What is that button made out of?

2-i dont know 1- like i said go ahead. im probably weirder than you

Rosin or Resin? It is a cast miniature in plastic (Epoxy, Polystyrene?) resin. They are meant to go into corner curio cabinets. It was likely sold as a souvenier of Moscow.

The button/pin says "Kolomenskoye" across the top, and Muscovite ("Moskvya") on the left. The photo is too dark to see the word (numbers?) preceding Muscovite.

A quick Goolge search reveals information you can read for yourself, including the Wikipedia article (first hit).

NOTE: I do not speak Russian at all. Transliteration, however, is nearly trivial given the similarly (by Cyril's design :-0) of the Cyrillic alphabet to Greek.