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what is this? (an arduino protoshield of some kind) Answered

i know this is a proto shield of some kind, i recently got it from a kit when i got my first arduino (yay!) but i cant figure what to do with it, ive seen some other protoshields which give you a couple extra bits and an onboard breadboard. the text by the symbol says:
protoshield remixed v1.0
i have actually tried searching it on the above website and ive searched "protoshield remixed v1.0" with no avale, it seems to come up with a different protoshield.
thanks in advance.


Seeed Studio makes a bunch of Arduino-related products, including their own low-cost Arduino-compatible microcontroller board and shields for Arduinos, and various plug-together systems such as Electronic Brick and Grove. Your picture looks like the circuit board for their "Arduino Protoshield Remixed" prototyping board, which comes as a set with headers, pushbuttons, switches, etc. You can solder the thing together, and then either solder components onto it for your designs or stick on a small breadboard and connect parts that way.

They seem to be better at design than at providing documentation in English - I've got one of these kits, but it didn't come with instructions for what components go in what holes, even though some of it's clearly designed with specific locations in mind.



8 years ago

As far as I can tell, this is just a normal protoshield. You are supposed to buy the male headers that go into the Arduino and then female headers such as the ones that are on the Arduino. Then you solder them into the board and it should fit on your arduino. The middle part is where you can solder components if you want the protoshield to be specific for a project. You can put a little breadboard there. Then, you have the spot for the reset button and at the opposite end, it looks like there is more ground and +5v pins. Hope this helps.

you might be right, i cant say its answered correctly yet, its just that its a different shape from the other version of the exact same name. but im pretty sure you're right, there seem to be a couple of spaces for 2 resistors and 2 led's, it comes from pin 13, through a resistor and to a led and then to ground (the one next to pin 13) what resistor should i use please? (you might have realised im new to this)