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what is this component i found on my broken speakers? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

It is the crossover. It takes the signal and divides it either two or three ways. With the low freq. going to the base, the mid to the mid range speaker and the highs to the tweeter. It looks like a two range to me.

does it function the same as an amplifier?

No. It only takes the signal and divides it between the different speakers in that make up a single speaker. If you take it out, the two or three speakers can't be connected together so that they work right with the amp. If your's is broken you'll have to replace it or the speaker. You can buy replacement crossovers but you have to know the ohms that the speaker is and some other info.

the crossover still works,tried over a couple of speakers... =)

No, it's a frequency-dependent filter. It sends the highest frequencies to the "tweeter", the midrange frequencies to the mid-range speaker, and the lowest frequencies to the woofer.