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what is this copper container? Answered

i am going to AJ2013 (23 australian jamboree in maryborough) and i need to raise funds to pay for entry. i have been looking through the cupboard trying to find things to sell. i remebered this which i bought for $15 at a garage sale a few years ago. if anyone could help with identification of this and how much money i could sell it for that would be awesome. it says that it is quell fire fighting equipment, automatic, and made in 1957. it is a copper tank with copper rivets, a brass screw lid and rubber hose with brass fittings. my estimate on the capacity would be about 9 liters/2.5 gallons/20 pints. i think that you are meant to hold it upside down and the weight of the water pushes it out the nozzle. i dont know if that is right because it doesnt come out very fast.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Its a "wet type" fire extinguisher. It uses baking soda and water as the retardant and is mixed by turning the tank upside down to disperse the baking soda into the water and then righted to spray the fire with the hose and nozzle. They were basically discontinued because they are ineffective and/or dangerous to use on electrical and petroleum fires.
I have seen a few of that type at collector's swap meets, those in the condition of yours were selling for around $100 U.S. Cleaned up and polished they were about twice that amount.
I couldn't read the manufacturer's name in your pics but you may find additional information through google.

For heavens sake don't clean it! Collectors will pay more for antiques with petina than if you try to clean it and mess it up.

Check eBay. There will be collectors out there that are interested. Also, ask at the local fire station. Somebody there will be interested or they may know someone else that will want your extinguisher. I know a few firefighters that collect stuff, but unfortunately I am in Sydney.