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what is this? identify my tool!? Answered

i had this for years, anybody got a clue what it is?

most amusing answer gets a patch:-)


Okay, I have to ask. Just how did you track that down?!? I had tried TinEye, Google Images, etc., with no luck. What search terms did you use? Or did you just recognize it from your deep and mysterious past?

I got the hint from thematthatter I didn’t think of back massager.

Then I Google “rolling pin massager” and other variations and clicked on Images until I found a photo of it.

I think it took three tries.


Prosthetic limb for an octopus.

Can anyone please identify this tool for me please?


my guess its to press out pasta or give back massages

It is a cannoli rolling pin.

It was invented in the 1930s for making pastries like cannoli so that they are perfectly rolled.

Because of the suction cups it was soon called a kissing rolling pin and the fact women could hit their husbands over the head without killing them.


Assuming that you aren't teasing, that is the most amazing piece of esoteric knowledge I've heard in a long, long time.. Huzzah!

I’ve been a writer for almost 40 years sometimes I come up with stuff off the top of my head like the Emerald Beetle or the Helmut Trout (Salvelinus fontanels disambiguation phallus).

My novelette “Tails of a Gay Incubus” got started because of doing this.