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what is this? (pics included)? Answered

okay, what are these things and what do they do? on them it says: "in4007 mic"



-thanks, mmcpherson4


1N4007 is a 1kV, 1A gen purpose rectifier diode

If you're unfamiliar with electronics, they can be viewed as an electrical one-way valve.

Seconded - 4 of them in one circuit next to each other makes a full bridge rectifier to turn AC into pulsed DC. Commonly found in electronics that have a wall plug but have simple electronics - you'll see power enter, go through these, then through a transformer (or through a transformer then through these diodes), then through some capacitors to smooth out the power and make a usable power source for small circuits.

Commonly found in:  Practically everything :D  Older tvs, practically all DC transformers (not newer smps transformers - just older big wall warts), alarm clocks...you name it.

You can deduce domething of what they do by looking at where they're connected before taking them off the board.


Very useful.