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what is this worm??? Answered

I am about once a month finding a tiny wormlike thing that is white and moves its head. That's all it does. I've found them inside logs, even on *me* this morning! It's kind of gross and it would be nice to know what it is. It's about an inch long and maybe half a mm thick. Really tiny, but still easily visible. If you want me to ad a photo, tell me in the comments. Thanks in advance!!

Thanks for the sarcasm.


I think a good photo would be useful. Also where in the worl are you. What is common here in the Uk isn't elsewhere.

I would believe you... if it didn't move...against the wind!!!!!! xD

If it has been recently stretched, or humidity is changing, natural fibres (such as cotton) can move in odd ways.

Yeah. I live in california USA. I'll get a good photo. Thanks for the input. :)

I think I said good - that means in focus. What you show looks like a fibre rather than a living thing.

Tee hee hee !



3 years ago

If .... its not a thread .... I would really be grossed ***out of my mind*** and rapidly see a medical doctor, a biologist with a microscope and review my personal habits !

I have no idea.
there are two or thee options for finding out locally. First, and most reliable, take a specimen or two to a local university and visit the biology department, second visit the local USDA extension office (I don't know how common they are out west), and third, take it by a local community college if there isn't a university near by.