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what is your favorite shoe? Answered

what is your favorite shoe?


Actually, I like the shoes I must wear for work. Dress shoes with leather bottoms, as it drains off the excess electrolytic charges I seem to carry with me everywhere (even in the summer time). :-) they're Florsheim shoes, and are comfortable pretty much from day one....when I can find my width (my size is not hard, but finding a size eight in triple E's is sometimes a bit of a struggle.

i like my shoes, thay wut u older people..(no affence) call skate shoes, thay purple and crasy comfertible and high top for my ankles, tay real pimp,n.

And the shoe if you can call them such I hate the most are flip-flops....I can not stand that thing between my toes, and the sloppy feel of them. I would much rather have a pair of Clod-hoppers on then flip-flops :-)

Um...my new leather boots.

...that's just what they do...one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you...

The remake has a much more positive (and less abusive) spin than the original :-/

My boots, at the moment I've just about finished with a pair of cheap Marc's which lasted a fair time but now the metal spine that keeps them right is sliding out the holes at the balls of my feet due to wear, the innards are murdered and the soles are starting to lost grip on the rest of the shoe. One of the laces is only just long enough to tie... I liked my old Doc martins but they're not heavy duty enough for me. I may need to invest in a more serious pair of boots this time, for life span... granted the stylish boots I had before these were tough and cheap enough, straps and laces, plus they had a hint of cowboy but looked like normal shoes when hidden under trousers.

How strange, that's precisely the style of shoe my grandmother loved.

I think you just called him Kelsey Grandma, wasn't he on Cheers and Frasier?

flip flops or very thin synth shoes (the material that slightly resembles jeans) actually those are the 2 things i ever wear - in snow too

I lurv Van's unfortunately I have a hard time finding them in wides :'( I know of no substitute

My Vans, everytime.. shame i always have to pay full rrp though D:

I like my Chucks (one pair white hightops, one pair lowtops- Black with flames). But my favorite would have to be my Australian Stockman boots made by Blundstone.

My left one. No, my right one. What a silly question - why can't they be joint favourites?

Yeah, that's like asking "Kiteman, which is your favorite son- # 1 or #2 ?" It's not a fair question! :D

I wear Chucks all the time.

I prefer flip flops mostly, even though they aren't that great for my feet.