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what kind of blade should i make next? Answered

A sword, an axe, or something else? if anyone sends me, moxx, a pic of a blade and i deem it awesome, i will try to make it in knex.  This knife I made is a great example of what i am going for. 


these would be nice, tiger hook swords and a halberd.


i am working on a sword right now, but ill think about it.

i am done my sword which honestly might be the best sword on this site. the pic doesnt do it justice, but it looks so awesome and is very sturdy for a knex thin sword.

knex-awesome-sword 005.JPG

Looks nice, extra details and all that but I'd like to challenge your statement. Master Sword from LoZ. Though I'm mostly a gun builder so I wasn't satisfied with my design. Let's see what you can do for a Master Sword.


have you seen the instructables i made of it? i would still hold my statement, though it still just my opinion. i find the master sword akward and kind of unattractive in general, having dothing to do with your particular design, which i think looks bettere than the normal master sword. i still find mine more attractive, but i can say nothing about its sturdiness as i havent built yours. i dont see myself making a master sword any time soon but i may make something similar.

awesome! looks great, ill check out the instructable.