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what kind of buttons can i put on a glove? Answered

i have a project im working on, and i need to put(or make) some kind of buttons on the finger tips of a glove. nothing complicated, just basic switches that will complete a circuit when i touch stuff. any ideas?



Best Answer 6 years ago

try using a buble switch withe the plastic tape cover like in cell phones


good idea. i think ill use it. i even have circuit boards with those buttons on them that i can destroy. thanks!

You might want to consider using conductive thread, which will open up many possibilities. There are a few instructables on here that show how to do this.

you could have the glove without buttons, and just have the positive wires going to the tips of the glove and have a metal plate (or similar surface) that acts as a ground to complete the circuit. just an idea :-/

it deleted some of the writing the second kind is like the ones on Kodak disposable cameras and cell phone boards


6 years ago

Here is a sensor I have used that can give force information. . . . . .   A

FlexForce Sensor.png