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what kind of laser is used in laser printers? Answered

what kind of laser is used in laser printers?




6 years ago

There is more energy in blue light then IR, but the photo emissivity of the
semiconducting drum as orksecurity pointed out will probably make the
laser color selection for a printer and this is importan......... Oh No you
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Low power laser diode. Unable to give a part number. i doubt your going to make a burning laser with it or get it to focus on anything further away than the laser drum was when it was working.

Not certain -- but it's nothing very special.

A laser printer is basically a photocopier. Charge is sprayed onto a semiconducting drum, and the laser is used to selectively cause areas to conduct and thus lose their charge. The charge is then used to attract toner, which is then transferred to the paper. Finally, a fuser unit melts the toner onto the paper so it doesn't just blow away again.

It doesn't take much light to activate the semiconductor. Lasers are used because they can be focused on a precise point, not for power.

(Putting it another way: the laser that excites electrons may not excite you.)