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what kind of small sewing machine i have to buy as the first time i will own one?? Answered

i need some help about deciding what kind of small sewing machine i should buy at first i thoght about singer but then i searched the web about it and all what i could read is dont buy singer sewing machines so what do you think people should i buy singer or another kind of small sewing machine??


Hi Shadon,

I second the idea of buying a used machine - the more metal in it the better.  You specifically want to avoid machines with plastic gears.

Do you want a machine you will only use at home? If so an older heavier one would be fine.

Do you want to take it to classes or friends or travel with it?  If so I have many quilting friends who like the Janome Jem

What sort of sewing are you thinking of doing?  Do you really need decorative stitches or is a simple straight stitch going to be sufficient?

I hope these questions help you decide.  This is the sewing machine FAQ from the rec.crafts.textiles.quilting newsgroup.  You may find it helpful too.

Good luck finding the right machine for you.


Try to find a "Sewing Machines & Vacuum Cleaners" shop in your area (I really like yelp.com for this sort of thing), preferably one that handles both new & used machines, as per Framistan's suggestion. These are usually old, locally-owned businesses with an interest in keeping long-term satified customers, and have knowledgeable & helpful staff to steer you in the right direction.

(Note 1: If you live anywhere near US zip code 98133, there's a great shop I'd love to recommend to you.)

(Note 2: I've never bouth a sewing machine myself - I still use the old (circa 1930's) straight-stitch White that my grandmother bought used sometime shortly after WWII.)

Why not consider getting an older USED machine? People buy sewing machines all the time and only SLIGHTLY use them... then they throw them away. What a waste! You can pick these machines up at a good-will, am-vets, or other 2nd hand store for almost NO MONEY. I picked one up from a neighbor setting it out for the TRASH. It only needed to be OILED a few drops and thread re-attached to the needle!! Here's the BIG bonus. If you discover you REALLY LIKE the hobby of sewing... then you can go out and purchase one when you "outgrow" the used one. And you will have the knowledge and experience to KNOW what you really need to spend your money on because of the experience gained from the cheap/free one you learned from !!! By-the way... Anyone who thinks sewing is for women ONLY.... you are wrong. I learned sewing and re-upholstered several carseats ...and...once worked for a man who upholstered restaurant seats! This kind of work requires more strength than most women have... Most OLDER machines will only require a little oil and dusting off to get them going again.