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what lego set should i get? i really want a new lego set and i can't decide! so i'm making this. any suggestions? Answered

any of  the sets will work except duplo and friends those are NOT REAL LEGOS. i like to have at least one minifigure. also, my cash limit is 14 dollars. thanks!
                                            jessica, age 9



Best Answer 5 years ago

If your parents allow you to shop online, I would browse EBay and see what catches your eye. If you time your bids carefully (your parents can help you), you can sometimes get very good bargains.

$14 dollars won't get you too far. I would suggest checking for sales and try out Target, Walmart, Toys R Us or any other store that may have Lego on sale. Then check the discount bins and whatever's on sale to get you the most/best deal for your money (just don't forget about the taxes)...

bricklink is good too. you can find out the parts list for a kit and buy the individual parts from a seller there for HEAPS less than buying the kit. of course you wont have the instructions, unless you buy that too, which you can on bricklink. you can buy lego bricks for literally a fraction of a cent there.