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what longboard should i get? Answered

want to do some tricks do not want wheel rubbing against board on sharp turns help?


You could just make your own. Cost so much less and you can make it to your exact needs. I just wanted a board to get around and to bomb hills. It cost me nothing because I already had everything. All I used was a skill saw, drill, rollarblade wheels, skateboard trucks, wood screws for hardware and plywood for the deck. IT cost me absolutely nothing and its something I ride everyday. Cheers.

The best longboard is the one that's not short.

I know that it is not $180, but get a rayne nemesis. I have 1 and it is awsome! It is imposible to get wheel bite because it is a cut away. It is a drop deck. And it just feels right.

i got this one 100 $ i know it was a cheap beginner........


Dervish is an amazing all around board. You will definitely not gt wheel bite with it. Or you could build your own.

I recommend a dervish. I don't actually have one but everyone says their amazing for tricks and cruising