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what made you choose your user name? Answered

what made you choose your user name?


I chose mine cause my name is Ryan, Ry+2592+0 The 2592 was one of the years the Halo series was on. 0 was cause I'm nerdy and have no popularity. Read my personal and you will know why this doesn't bother me.

I eat nerds. I prefer the apple ones...But grape is good too.

Heheh. The best are the Apple ones ;P

but the windows make you fall down two stories to crack your head when you try to eat them
oh no im a windows nerd<:@


10 years ago

im called derinsleep because a my name is derin b i was bored when i became a member on instructables

Skate6566 for a couple of reasons. Skate because I skateboard a little. 65 because that's the size of dirtbike I used to race. 66 because that's the number I used to have on my dirtbike. And skate6566 is also my AIM screenname.

. Got mine from what a drill instructor would bellow when a fellow recruit would bellyache: "I'm not your momma, boy!" The DI had a slight urban drawl, so it came out "I'm na cho momma, boee." . Not something I would normally notice, but I spent a lot of my childhood in the segregated southern US (the only Black ppl in my grade school classes was one boy in 6th grade) and I thought it was rather shocking/ironic/humorous for a Black guy to call a White guy "boy." I did a lot of pushups, running, and a bit of KP for laughing out loud.

I have absolutely no idea. I've been using it since 2001, though.

This picture (I have to have text):


You first!

(Still no confession from gava?)

OK, When I first got into forums I used my real name, but decided to use a nom de plume when I expressed opinions that ran counter to my then employer.

I was into making paper kites at the time, and I'm male. I don't make or fly so many kites now, but the name is known and memorable.

The avatar I pinched off the BBC (it's the old icon for their now-extinct Science messageboards). It expresses my Inner Scientist, which is like my inner child, but with permission to play with sharp things.

...which is like my inner child, but with permission to play with sharp things.




Took me a couple days to finalize mine, basically it's:
RocketScientist'(sounds cool + what I may have a career in)2015 (presumed college grad year, + sounds cool)

and what if we develop "warp" drive by then ? LOL

Plausible, I may develop one by that date.

Yeah, but then you wouldn't be RocketScientist, but rather Warp(ed)Scientist LOL

Hmm good point. I'll get Eric to change it after I post "How to Make A Warp-Drive".

I used an old familiar Chat room id I had years ago, as I wasn't in an inventive mood at the time I signed up, and I didn't want to forget it before I got back in again (I hadn't any need for worrying there LOL) .

almost everywhere else I go I am 3LAN though.

I like Monk. I'm Monk everywhere I go. That or Thornow.

My used Dirty Dan was chosen cuz I'm dirty.

-your username isn't Dirty Dan!

-Well its not grandma either!

Once upon a time, a young man was employed in menial labour at a rich snobs house! The lord of the manor was often absent but the married-into-money dragon lady who stayed at home decided that the handsome young man was looking strangely at her UGLY daughters and ordered the young man's boss to "never bring him within my gates again as he was lookin' at my daughters funny!" The rest of the workers poked fun at the virile young man's being accused of casting his "beady eye" at the nasty lady's ugly daughters. Through hard work and amazing dedication what begun as "Beady-eyed Slaphead" evolved into "Beady-eyed Warrior" then eventually settled on "Beado4ever" and thus ends the story of the lowly worker who started humbly but went on to complete mediocrity and somewhat needlessly long forum posts!


10 years ago

Mine is the "standard format" username that I had in college. First 5 letters of the last name, first letter of the first name (six character limit.) (After I graduated, I had a new "standard" username, but it was taken on most public email systems, and wasn't very searchable due to "conflicts." "WestfW" remains nicely rare; a web search for westfw turns up mostly me, including emails from 1980...

Stole it from my brother, 'cause I thought it was funny.

Gorillaz is one of my favorite bands. Miko is short for Michael, which I made up. :P

<3 Muffins, and when I tried to get TheMuffinator as an e-mail account, it was already taken. Plus, it keeps the authorities at bay when they're looking for me, but don't know of my 1337 h4x0r prefix. (I developed my muffin obsession in Maine, after trying a blueberry muffin. God their blueberry muffins are so good...)

Speaking of blueberries, have you tried the BoBerry Biscuit at Bojangles? That's a good eat.

Ever played the Splinter Cell series? and actually listened to the story? of not go look it up on wikipedia and you should see why. Also its my screenname for everything. its also my gamertag. well, OP24 echelon3.

my brother chose it for me when I was like 9 for AIM, now it's all of my forum names

dchall was assigned to me at an Air Force base where I worked back when e-mail was in its infancy. When Yahoo came along, I tried to get that email name but it was already taken. So I tried dchall1. Already taken. Tried dchall2. Already taken. So I skipped ahead several numbers to save myself some time.

Probably something along the lines of his father and mother got together and...

Correct me if I'm wrong...

It's a long story, but I was dubbed such by a friend.

I use linux, and I like hacking (with a soldering iron, not computer)

I absolutely love it there.


My birth certificate.

Well, this is my user login for my high school.

Brenn=last name
n=first initial (nick)
10=my graduation year which is 2010.

well i love my ds(well not as much any more) so i needed a name for things i signed up for so i did dsman195276 then i decided that that was to long so everything after that i used dsman1. the name just stuck.


10 years ago

'Tis my name.

Uh its my name


10 years ago

It was so long, I've forgotten. ....actually come to think of it, it's suddenly come back.... :o