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what pipe should i use for a air tank that is much more safe and can be stored more air and what valve should i use? Answered

can i use a abs pipe?


I have some Smaller diameter White PVC piping thats rated for 480 PSI ( Bear in mind, there is what it's rated for, And what is a good Idea. I usually plan to use a Maximum of 80% If your asking about the black sewage PVC I don't recall anything rated above 80 PSI. That stuff really isn't supposed to hold pressure.What is important is to look at the printing on the side of the pipe and it will directly tell you what it can handle. Also read over a few sources that have done it before. If you mess up the glue you have a Nifftly-Little Eardrum Popper ! not to mention scrap plastic blown in every direction.

To answer you storage question, there are only two ways to increase the amount of air you can hold. (A) Compress the Air to a higher PSI And/Or (B) Increase the size of the storage tank. For the vales, there will be purpose made vales of the same rating available were you buy the Pipe. Check your local home improvement store or a pneumatic supplier.

And Please wear some hearing protection and safety glasses, M-Kay? I wouldn't want to see you get hurt !

Bear in mind that the rating drops VERY rapidly with temperature too.,

What kind of air tank? What pressures are we talking about? What are you trying to accomplish?

I've used both 1/2" and 1" PVC and Copper pipe on shop compressor tanks up to about 200 PSI. Don't know the capacity of any ABS pipe. Not even sure it can handle more pressure than your typical water line.