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what plastic is good to create sculptures (That will be used as molds)? Answered

hey. i need to create a plastic that i can use to create a mold . something like play dough , only that after some time it can get hard, to be used as a mold for ABS or acrylic.. can anyone help me?


Why plastic and why do you need a mold that rigid?

What kind of molds are you trying to make?

How do you plan on using ABS/Acrylic with a mold? Will you be vacuum forming the ABS/Acrylic? If so the molds are often made of wood or other carved materials.

The only plastic that comes to mind that fits your description would be something like Shapelock. It's a thermal plastic that becomes malleable at about 150 degrees. Which is why i ask how you plan to use the ABS/Acrylic. Once cooled its a good rigid plastic. It can be reused over and over again. It can also be sanded, painted and cut as needed. But if your using heat to work with your medium then this isn't the answer your looking for.

well, i am retrofiting my headlights, and need to create shrouds. but since my headlight housing dosent have anything at all inside it, i would need something to mold the RAW edges, just the shape... abs is not hot, i melt it with acetone !