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what should I do if my dell lapstop audio sound has static? Answered

it's a dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. the audio from the laptop has like a crackel static sound when using either the internal speakers,amplified speakers or headfones. when I play music ,video,online videos like in youtube I can hear it too. what could it be sound hardware? drivers? anyone had this problem?


. Check the headphone jack. I dirty jack will cause your symptoms.

true but as stated above it's not only the external speakers but the internal built in speakers too. so it can't be the jack.

. Yes it can. There are contacts on the jack that disconnect the internal spkrs when you have something plugged in. They can also cause problems with the external spkrs.

It's the power supply. Have you tried to see what it sounds like on battery? Dell power supplies are notorious for being noisy and affecting sound. It's because of their design. Switchmode. Laptop power supplies lack filtering to get rid of this noise. If the noise is still there running on battery, then it's something more serious

I have that problem with my Toshiba laptop. When I turn the volume switch it crackles very loudly and then it will play through 1 speaker or the other, but only both in a particular spot.

And I took the speaker cover off during class one day and my friend said it looked burnt out. I found it was only the right speaker and not the left, but it still comes out in all the sound peripherals. I've cleaned inside the headphone jack and it still does it. I think there's something wrong in the sound card.

a. do you have it turned up too loud? b. i left my speakers on at max volume for several days without playing any sound and now they sound static-like when i turn them on and play them.-same thing?

Is this a steady constant noise, does it change at all when you play audio or fiddle with the leads? Is it the same through all audio channels (open volume control, mute all, then un-mute each in turn)? L