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what should I use to make fake cookie crumbs? Answered

I want to make fake cake/cookie crumbs that will be bendable and not crack once applied to a surface. Any ideas?  I sure appreciate your thoughts.


Shredded cleaning sponge?

Further thoughts: drop a piece of brown sponge or foam rubber into a blender and pulse it.

great idea...I'm trying to get this effect...



There are a number of materials used by model railway builders and fantasy modellers that might fit your needs as well. I'm afraid I don't know their names, but a trip to a local hobby store (maybe a branch of Games Workshop, or a model railway store) could answer your questions.

great idea!!! I will check it out. I have used some caulking with acrylic paint added to make it look like icing...and it turned out really great!

I hope you're taking plenty of photos for an instructable?