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what should i do before i get Call of Duty MW3? Answered

i want to get mw3, but the thing is, i've only played  black ops for 4 hours so im new to it. so i want to know what i should do first. i know a lot about black ops but ive hardly know alot about the gameplay. i wanted it but someone advised me to get good at mw2 and then get mw3. so tell me what i should do. i only have a wii, not a xbox 360 or ps3.


Why do you want to get a game that you don't really understand?


I'm sure some website has the cod storyline, but it isn't that involved.
COD 4:
The British
People named after toiletries

High production values
More Russians, terrorists, and Brits and Americans.
More 'splosions.
More soap.
Awesome soundtrack.
Terrible plot.
Obvious setup for a sequel.

Now you're ready for MW3!

Step 1) Get an Xbox or good computer (or PS3 if you like uncomfortable controllers). It isn't coming out for Wii.

Step 2) Find a friend that has Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and borrow them, give them a play through. Black Ops, World at War, and all of the older ones have nothing to do with that story, so don't worry about those.

Step3) Wait until November, in the meantime secure $60 for the game.

Step 4) Buy game. Play it.

Alternative: just buy it, it doesn't really matter if you've played it.

Also, if you're talking about being good at multiplayer, just wait till you get MW3. People will be worse there than on the ones that have already been out for a few years, so you will have an easier time starting. Also no one cares if you're bad, and if you're having fun, you shouldn't either.

btw, mw3 is comming out for wii. i even asked gamestop in our mall.

thx, iv'e played black ops on the wii and in a day i finsished a level 4 without any help. (btw that was with the wii and nunchuck, not the classic controller)
i will get mw3 if i can. one person said i won't understand the story line that much then. But i think they should make it so all cod games so you understand it even if it was ur first game.

Play a friend's copy?

my friend does have it for wii but the thing is if he'll let me play it for a day or two to see if i should get it. and plus he plays it mostly every day and he never goes online either.