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what should i get my 9 year old brother for christmas, i was going to get him a modern warfare 2 but my mom said no? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

A 3 person sling shot & water balloons!  
A soccer ball
Build him a Unicycle?
Bake him sume cookies
Make him a personalized belt
Duct tape hat?
Build him a lamp
Homemade drum kitt



 Try finding a more "kid friendly" game that your mom would approve of, for instance I got my ten year old brother scribblenauts, which is still fun for him without the blood and gore that your mom doesn't want for him. win-win.


what did i do when i was 9?..............

Legos? remote controlled car? one of those rubber-band powered airplanes?

(that's all that i remmember..)

Yeah, that car for the wall sounds really cool...I woulda killed for one when I was nine.

Hmm... what does he like to do aside from modern warfare?

Maybe an RC heli? or a cool model that he can build?

How about five full days of fun with his older brother and make something together?

8 years ago

my daughter is really hooked on tomb raider. it's not all about killing you have to figure stuff out...if you want a game