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what should i say to someone that had someone close to them pass away? Answered

i know someone that has a nonno he passed away


I can only try to imagine how you are feeling right now. If there is anything you need- a friend to talk to... or even just grabbing a bite, let me know.

Not that it needs a lot said - as skunkbait says: A good analogy that you can pass on about dealing with loss is: Its like being plunked in the ocean, near a beach just past where you can stand up. At first its cold, uncomfortable and overwhelming. As time progresses you swim your way to shore until you can stand. Just when you think you are stood up and can breathe (and feel normal again), a wave will hit you and dunk you under again. You will feel just as cold, helpless, and overwhelmed again. With time however, you'll work your way to shore, and the waves will be shallower and shallower. They'll still hit - randomly, and with very little warning. After a longer time, you will be able to brace against the waves - not being knocked over, but still feeling them, letting them pass around you. Odds are you will never forget - you will never be OUT of the water completely. That memory of loss is natural, and healthy. At that point it is best to remember the good - not with a sense of loss, but with a sense of fortune, that you were able to share those memories with the lost loved one.

Have a look at this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Dealing_with_Death/ . Phil does a great job on the subject. A lot of times I just say "I am SO sorry". Then just let them talk. If they don't want to it's "ok". Just don't feel compelled to say something profound. Usually when someone tries to say something profound (immediately after the death), it just sounds stupid or even offensive.