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what should my new knex assault rifle have Answered

choose from the list of things that my new gun should have on it or with it. pick 1 from each section apart from the 1st one because I could try and put all those things in. some kind of rails like Ironman's (ill try and make my own) adjustable stock adjustable cheek rest fake charging handle if you can think of other things please say! what ammo should it use rods yellow blue white green grey red black connectors grey orange grey and orange joined together (like my m110 and scar) what should the gun look like M4 m16 scar Xm8 m468 hk416


i must say the hk416 it is pwnage on combat arms

meh it has been done before. ok then try the mp7.

I have turned my m4 into an m16 but you can still put an m4 stock on it

it should be a breaking sniper like the barrel detaches from the main body and the handle should detach and the stock too that would be awesome

yeah without having to take it peice by peice apart i meah like parts of the gun slide and lock into position

Whatever it is don't use matalics use regular pieces.

yeah but all my pieces are metallics and I think knex guns look better with metallics

I want your gun to have a rail, and a secondary handle. And your gun should shoot yellow rods, and it shouldn't be a replica.

I like that, but non replicas tend to do better. If he can do both, by all means he can go ahead.

I would rather have an ugly gun that shot 60 feet than a really tight looking gun that shot 10 feet. Of course, if there are 2 guns that have the same performance, I pick the one that looks better.

grey and orange have a rail and a grip. looks like a m468!!!

yes i i build now your m110 its realy cool iam now by the stock

RED RODS!!!!!!! Just make a true trigger with a reliable mag. Make sure it is 100% reliable, because most aren't.

I know mine are 100% reliable for me anyways

If they were good, the KI people would like them.

They don't like me myself, so they inherently dislike my creations.

Well, I have no real idea. They just hate me even more now that I left.... Im probably about 50% of the content on KI podcast episode 3 now.

I haven't really seen a good red rod mag. Hoppers tend to jam.

The Inferno's was decent with tan rods and tape, but hardly the best it could be.

Who said anything about hoppers?

Sorry I forgot this: Caliber: 25x59mm Type: gas operated, belt fed automatic grenade launcher Overall length: 1328 mm Weight: 22.7 kg complete with tripod mount and sight / fire control unit Effective range: up to 2000 m against point targets, 3600 m maximum Rate of fire: 250 rounds per minute