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what should this character be named? Answered

This is a character of mine i created, but he needs a name. who has any ideas for names for this guy? (not pet names)


Unfortunately, a lot of the online community doesn't respect copyright. If you care about protecting something, your best bet is not to post it on a server you don't control.

Beyond that: The question is impossible to answer without knowing a lot more about the character. OK, so he's felinoid and well into the kawaii range... but _who_ is he? What's his personality? What are his interests? What culture does he live in? ...

"The Naming of Cats is a serious matter..."!

ok orksecurity, you were the first to ask about personality and stuff, (although i guess i should have posted that in the initial post)

-personality would be very outgoing and quite nice
-interests, well they are things that are things like surfing and skateboarding
-im going to define culture by area or place in the world, unless thats what you meant. He is more of a west coast californian, or american

OK, then I'll borrow my brother's cat's name and suggest Nico -- a pun on the Japanese "neko" (cat), just as Felix was a pun on felis.

Up to you to decide whether that's short for Nicholas, Nicodemus, or something else. Or maybe he doesn't answer that question.

And if that doesn't do it for you, you might want to play with the Baby Name Wizard, particularly the Name Voyager -- a fascinating view of which names have been popular when.


well i used "gamename", and got these names i think could work for him.
i am liking nico though.

and then your suggestion of nico (which i could also call short for "nikolai")

So of these names, which one best suits this character? (in anyone who reads this comment's opinion)

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.  PS: Good luck controlling the distribution of anything posted in a public forum.


Takeshi, Yumikoro

or Ram