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what size frame is this bicycle? Answered

right so im looking into getting a springer fork for my bike. i found this one in the dumpster back in september and fixed it up it was fitly but not broken. anyways i measured from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post and its about 17 inches, the wheels are 26" i think. the tires are defnitly 26 " but the rim might be -1 or 2 inches.  anyways if anyone can please tell me how to get the frame size so i can buy accessories i would appreciate


Frame size is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat-tube, so yours sounds like it's 17".

they make 17 inch frames though? im asking because i found a page that said there is many different ways to measure the frame it just sounded odd to me a 17 inch frame with 26 inch wheels.


Great site, Sheldon Brown, but I hadn't seen that article before and I see it's become more complicated. I did nearly add earlier that different styles of bikes had widely different frame size to wheel size ratios.
My really old lightweight tourer has a 25" frame and 27" wheels (measured in the traditional way) and was about the biggest you could get without a custom build.
Looking at your photo, it does look to have a pretty short vertical tube - sort of a 'low rider' style.  What sort of accessories are you looking for?  (Mudguards occurred to me which are essential in the UK if you don't want mud up your back and grit in your face, but I see you're in Las Vagas so they may not be that much of a priority #;¬)

i still want mud gards. but mostly i want a banana seat with sissy bar, continental kit and bent springer fork. but i think they make those only for 20, 26 and 18 inch frame? i guess also the continental kits go for the same sizes.

Websearch on "bicycle frame size" finds resources such as http://www.ebicycles.com/article/bicycle-frame-size-charts.html

That plus a tape measure should get you an answer.

Glad to hear you where lucky with the dumpster find, you got a sweet bike to work on. I cant wait to see the tricked out version from what you have mentioned.

I will soon be starting the prep work on my bike for the cycling season.

I plan to add a 3 speed front sprocket to give me 9 gears rather than 3, I will be adding a Indian Larry suicide gear shift on the frame. 

I've always relied on the size written on the tyre.