what size pump is best for a hydroponic garden mist system? Answered


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i am trying to make a misting system for a hydroponic garden but the pump i have is hopelessly inadequate (impeller type,185gph for 10 small mist nozzles). will a bigger gph output provide the pressure or am i gonna have to drop $300 plus for one of the specialized mister pumps.?


Misters require low volume HIGH pressure - impeller pumps will have a hard time creating that - you'll want to switch to a pump that is designed to pressurize yoru plumbing - like a piston or bladder based RV water supply pump.

I had the same issue and i tried to adjust the "missters" that i got online
i ended up with a high pressure thin stream which keeps my plants alive but its not the goal the goal is to spray the water to unlock the TDS so i got another kind of "missters" that requires less pressure but still
so finally my theory is that its not the GPH that matters is the PSI !!!
so i figured even a 100 GPH pump with the right PSI will operate more then 10 easy
i had no money to test my theory so next week maybe we will have some options Cheers !

That does not make sense.
One mist nozzle flows 18.5 gallons per hour ? And you have ten of them.
People will see you floating out of your garden !


Aeroponics sprays water inside boxes, with the plant roots hanging inside them - so no flooding.....


no, no flooding with the system any way, as the spray would drain into the holding tank, a "contstant" I believe it's called. Regardless, I've backshelfed it 'til I get an R/V pump. I've just been introduced to fountain misters. Oh. My. God. Sweet little fog chamber made from a 5 gallon plastic bucket. My only concern is the LED lights on the thing. I couldn't find one w/o them. My understanding is to keep the roots in the dark. I may use neon lamp black out paint to paint over them. Rubbery stuff that's impervious to weather. thanks for input :)

I was thinking the same thing. there must be some other problem.

We ARE talking aeroponics aren't we ?