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what software would be good for stopmotion videos without spending to much money? Answered

hello, one one of my favorite hobbies is making stop motion videos, but i make them on my 3ds. and with the 3ds you cannot add sound or have special effects. so i was wandering what kind of software i should get to make my stopmotion videos more realistic by adding sounds and effects.



You could also make the stop motion portion on the 3DS, save it in a standard video format and then add sound and effects using the Windows or Apple movie making software.

thanks for the good answer, so if i get apple movie maker would i be allowed to add voices and sounds. and also add special effects.

You should be able to no problem. Not sure what kind of special effects you want to add but you may need a program like aftereffects to do it.

thank you i will look more into it, what i meant by special effects was would i be able to edit some pictures and add another picture in it. example: a lego guy throws something. a would take a picture of whatever he would throw and put it into the first picture to make it look like it was floating.


HUH, i typed this in and i got to something called jelly cam. was that what u were teying to do

You should see a whole list of stop motion software - Take your pick.

aLL I did was a google search.