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what song matches these lyrics!? Answered

my english teacher performed today in class. the song he played was acoustic and it was great! i want to learn it myself but wont see him until next monday.

the lyrics talked about the sound of screeching brakes and smashing glass and screams of people or something. then he begins talking about his love or something like that. does anybody know the song?


Driving without due care and attention then?
(Horrible use of images)


That's Entertainment is the best match for your keywords (as far as Google goes...) but I don't think that's it.


. I'm pretty sure the OP is looking for "Last Kiss" but that is a very interesting find. I don't remember hearing Jam's "That's Entertainment" before.

That isn't it, but try the words and that's what you get.


After I looked at the words, I thought I might be wrong.