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what sort of microcontroler would you recomed for a beginner, and where could i get it? Answered

i am new to micro controlers and would like to get into them. i have only used a genie pic before but want to upgrade




Best Answer 8 years ago

i would use Arduino they have a lot of users that will help you out when you have questions and there are lots of shields and parts made for them


8 years ago

Try the Arduino system. Where you get it from depends where you are in the world.



7 years ago

This depends on what sort of projects you plan to undertake. My main problem with the arduino is start-up cost. The base units can cost up to £40.
That one board does have over 50 inputs / outputs and a lot of functionality.

On the other hand you may not need anywhere near as many as that, plus you are limited to one project at a time, if you want to start a new project you have to take the arduino out of your old project. (or purchase another expensive board).

I got into micro-controllers using the picaxe system. You can get started for as little as £5 with a basic chip and starter kit.
With picaxe you generally buy a new chip (£1.50) for each project, making it smaller, and giving the possibility for many live projects.

Then if you decide you want to do a more complex project you can start buying larger chips with more functionality.

Anyway give it a look over



8 years ago

Although the Arduino is the most popular with the most support and following, my first experience with a micro controller was with the Basic Stamp board by Parallax.

I found it easy and fun to program and use, and it sparked my interest in to using the Arduino.


8 years ago

.  Get whatever your teacher is most comfortable with.
.   If your teacher is the Internet, I'd go with Arduino. I've never used an Arduino (my experience is with industrial PLCs), but it seems to have one of the larger user bases and there is lots of free help and free code available.
.  If steveastrouk likes Arduino, it can't be all bad. :)
.  Do a web search for Arduino tutorial to get an idea of what kind of help you can expect. Then substitute other uCs for Arduino.